Head Image


The sun lit up the weary town,
The same effect as her walk;
Slowing down paces and beats,
Of those who helplessly gawked.

Her autumn hair, her blossom cheeks,
Her skin as pale as snow;
The beauty of her face that dimmed,
Pearled Luna's glow.

Her voice could melt the hardest soul,
Her words broke boredom's curse;
And in her laugh and celestial eyes,
One beheld the universe.

She blew as cold as ice, at times,
She danced like forest fire;
Every woman's envy, for she,
Was every man's desire.

Many lusted after her poise,
Many a heart she tore;
Yet she pledged her heart to none,
She yearned for something more.

Perhaps the way to capture her soul,
Perhaps the missing art;
Was not a glowing facade but,
A word that warmed her heart.