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The Descent

He was a man,
Like any other;
Somebody's beloved,
Somebody's brother.

His work brought him too close
To those bathed in pure light;
He reflected their glow
And revelled at the sight.

Yet 'tis a sad truth
That the brightest of glow,
Also gives birth,
To the darkest shadow.

The shadow it spread
Through his pure, virgin mind;
And spread roots and grew
Till that's all you could find.

The light he once worshipped
Now caused only pain;
He found no more pleasure,
As he chased after gain.

He could bear no longer
The purity of those,
Whose innocence would let them
Find sweet repose.

Driven by rage
And carnal desire;
He captured the light,
And doused it with fire.

He plucked the first bud
Of innocence he found;
And crushed it by force
'Till incapable of sound.

He now felt immortal;
The shadow made sure,
That he couldn't withstand
Temptation's allure.

His steady descent
Into Hell's fiery cup;
Continued unchecked
Till justice caught up.

He screamed putrid curses
At his captors of light;
As they looked on, transfixed,
At so evil a sight.

And he was imprisoned
In a cold, sickly cell;
Which was needed no more
For he was but a shell.

The darkness could see
That his end was approaching;
So what was the point
Of further encroaching?

The darkness grew darker,
And bolder, and left him;
And went on in search
Of a hapless new victim.

Yet the man was kept awake
By his first victim's cry;
Crucifying his soul,
As he watched himself die.