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Erato, Erato, where didst thou go?
My heart sings too softly without thee.
Erato, Erato come back and say,
Say once again how you love me.

I know not when the spell was cast,
Perhaps I was too blinded to see;
I know not when I foolishly fell,
From grace and in love with thee.

Remember the picture you painted of us,
Standing together for eternity?
Remember the bud that had blossomed and bloomed,
When you gave it a chance to be free?

But alas, you have gone far, far away,
Away to where I can't reach you;
But alas, I can do nothing but grieve,
Ponder if your heart ever was true.

I think of you still, though you are gone,
Can't remember to forget your face;
I think of your fire e'en as I grow cold,
In Melpomene's bitter embrace.