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They walked together,
Hand in hand, in
The shadow of the moon;
His heart beat ever
Faster as she
Kissed him all too soon.

He couldn't believe
His fortune, as she
Dragged him by the arm;
To the lonely,
Graveyard by the farm.

The wind caressed
The leafless yew,
That lived amidst the dead;
The teardrops of
The gloomy sky,
Whispered tales of dread.

His doubts about
The place she chose,
Though virtuous and just;
Dispelled as she
Disrobed herself
And paved the way for lust.

Her coy demeanour
Was revealed
To be a dark façade;
As she bucked her
Sultry hips and
Caught him off his guard.

They lay as one,
All through the night,
Till he was satisfied;
Yet she was still
Hungering for
What she was denied.

She kissed him once
Again, and as
He blinked his eyes to check;
She smiled to show
Her pointed teeth
And bit him in the neck.

One fair cruel hand
Upon his chest,
Pinned him to the ground;
One fair cruel hand
Made sure that he
Won't scream or make a sound.

Eyes wide he stared
In horror as she
Drank his pool of life;
Till all was drained
And death agreed to
End his wretched strife.

Now quenched at last
Her thirst for blood,
She rose with courtly grace;
Her glowing skin
Revelling in
The Devil's dark embrace.

And as her lover
Drowned in earth
She smiled and walked away;
This cruel seductress
Of the night
In search of her new prey.