Head Image


I sit alone on rocky shores
Watching the tides rise and fall;
Alone I sit in endless wait
For he who owns my heart, my all.

People concern me no more,
Busy with lives of joy and fun;
I've forgotten them, and they me,
I'm known just as the nameless one.

I glimpse into the turbid pools
To behold my timeless face,
Aged with grief, aged with longing,
And my form bereft of grace.

I recoil, horrified, for
He wouldn't like to see me so;
I compose myself and wear a smile
Though I have no real joy to show.

My mind, it tortures me unfailing,
Claiming he is not my fate;
It teases me and taunts me asking
Is he truly worth the wait?

But my heart wins out at last,
As the waves rise and fall apart,
And I sit and wait alone, for him
Who rides the waves of my heart.