Head Image


The stars, cloaked in midnight blue,
Twinkle merrily without a care;
But as I close my eyes to sleep,
I'm haunted by an echo's glare.

From the darkest confines of my mind,
To the brightest entity;
The echo echoes as it's wont
And lulls me to insanity.

Overcome with strain as I give in
To the soothing blanket of sleep;
The echo echoes in my dreams,
Sweet and shallow, dark and deep.

I try to lose myself in words,
I try to quell my rage;
The echo echoes through my pen,
And fills in every page.

I laugh to drown the haunting sound,
It does nothing, so I cry;
The echo echoes through my tears,
Even as they dry.

I withdraw into myself for I
Don't have another choice;
The echo echoes through my soul,
The echo of your voice.