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The Waltz

A step ahead,
A step behind,
Your hand in mine,
We waltz to time.

I lift you up-
I put you down;
You take my hand,
You spin around.
We pull apart,
Held by a touch,
We're back again;
We feel the rush.
Pick up the pace,
Nearing the end,
We trot and glide,
You spin again.
Reach fever pitch,
Look in my eyes,
And in their depths
You'll see yours shine.
Without a word
You gently fall,
I hold my breath,
I find you gone.
Before you hit
The bitter floor,
Our fingers touch,
So there we stand,
A minute more,
Counting the times
We've danced before.
We rise back up,
The music swells,
We trace the beat
And dance again.
Your hand in mine,
A step ahead,
A step behind.