Head Image


Scuttling along the floor,
Up the wall and down again,
Six legged monstrosities,
Flying in our faces, eating all our trash.

Patiently biding their time,
Waiting for the gradual collapse of humanity.
Chittering with malice as we kill one of their brethren,
Brandishing their antennae with threats incomprehensible,
Talking to us through their razor sharp mandibles:

"Kill us now human.
Kill us while you can.
Kill as many of us as you can.
Poison us and lay traps for us,
Crush us beneath your lowly feet.

Kill us now human.
Kill us and weep.
Weep, for when your civilization collapses, as it inevitably will,
We shall scuttle upon your graves and rule the world.
Our children shall feed on the marrow from the rotting corpses of yours
And flourish for long after your pathetic race bites the dust.

And when our planet's life is at an end and the glorious sun decides to swallow it,
We shall be the ones the greet it and die along with the Earth.
So kill us now human.

Kill us while you wage your futile wars and struggle with your pathetic lives.
Kill us while we raise you like pigs for slaughter.
We do not begrudge you our lives, insignificant creature,
For you are the fast fading past and we are the ever rising future.

Crush us while you can human, but know,
That we, and we alone, will have the last chitter."