Head Image


Snugly blanketed, save her head,
Peeking out like a rabbit from her burrow,
Her hair falling carelessly onto her face,
Rejoicing at the allowance of such trespass.
The curtain-filtered aisle-lamp,
Lights her face with faery glow;
Her eyes tightly closed.

As I gaze unto her face, the train gives a jerk,
Her eyes snap open and find my hungry pair.
I stare back, transfixed, a deer caught in headlights.
She holds my gaze a moment, eyes sparkling,
And her lips curve to form a coy smile.
In the semi-darkness, I smile back, sadly,
For I know she can't perceive the beauty I behold.

I avert my gaze to allow her peace,
And stare a while at the humming fan,
The tube, the curtain, the roof, the floor.
But I can't resist the urge for long
And steal a glance at her eyes again,
And find them to be shut once more,
Earnestly in sleep.

The backward tilt of her head,
The backward slant of her nose;
Effortlessly exuding regal grace.
Her brow relaxed, her lids at rest,
The ghost of a smile still upon her lips,
Reflecting neither sorrow, nor joy, nor fear,
But serene tranquillity;
Adding to her pristine glow.

And as I lay on the upper berth,
Facing my love who lay across,
I slept in peace, for I knew I'd found,
Such a wondrous sight to gaze unto
Such a beautiful face to wake up to.